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Posted 23 February 2017 - 03:35 PM


Undetermined future. Coding entire server from scratch in my spare time. Which I don't have unlimited amounts. This obviously takes time but a decent progress has been made so far.

I have basics so far, you can track overall progress on the website.

Also meaning that it will need lot's of in-game testing to be done.


What version?

Between 8.0 - 8.3.

Leaning towards the higher one ( 8.3 ) from various reasons:

- Balance ( vocations are more even and grinding is more pleasant )

- NPC Channels + NPC Shops are nice systems, and even tho Tibia was meant to be a MUD game - those systems are just quality of life changes.

- New potions introducted with later versions are strong, some people say unbalanced or destroying the game. Which might come into a bit of custom tweaks on those. This needs community feedback and is debatable.


What features?

- Stable.

- Most if not all quests, dialogs, world interactions.

- Tile refresh system. Like orginal tibia, server will perform a floor reset on certain zones.

- Relative low XP, most likely flat xp rather than staged.

- Custom client with a likely custom network protocol to ensure botless environment. Additional server bot-detection features are to be expected.

- Debating about Twist of Fate blessing. While hardcores gonna cry, people playing in their spare time just enjoying the game are less to be punished with random pk-ing. On other side, no one wants to play empty server, we all know what happens afterwards. Goal is to make both PvP and PvE fun & enjoyable for everyone. That being said - no final decision until we're closer to actual release.

- All features up to selected version are obvious.

- Might or not might custom area content. Probably not on first release.

- No character selling. It's wrong idea of selling someone else time.

- Premium account will consist of minor not game-changing features.